Our Designs

Our designers can provide fireplace decoration drawings using 3DMax in colour to allow customers to view what the final look will be. Auto Cad drawings are then given to our engineers and construction team to build accurate state of the art design.

Fireplace World Leaders

Home Decor & Electricals provides new unique ideas to customers. We work with world leading manufacturer of modern electric and gas fireplaces who continue to provide innovation and state of the art products.

Safer Jordan

Danger inside your property when using internal oil heaters. These heaters emit large amount of Carbon Monoxide, a very toxic gas that can instantly cause death when inhaled.

Why Us

HD&E is a leading provider of electric and gas fires in Amman, Jordan. We are specialist in fire place design from world leading manufacturers in Canada and UK. All our products are environment friendly(ECO). With us, you are guaranteed luxurious decorations and comfortable ambience at affordable prices.

Decor Solution

professional consultancy to understand your needs and build your concepts using our design expertise coupled with technology. We offer site survey and a one stop shop solution for your home interior and exterior decorations and fireplaces.