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Who we are

Home Decor and Electricals was established in January 2010 with a head office in Amman, Jordan. We provide Electric, Gas and wood Fires with or without chimney made by experts from North America and Europe to fit every need and design. Each member of our dedicated team of consultants offers a unique style to your home and garden to ensure your tranquillity.

Our qualified team offers expertise from the UK in running and installing Gas and Electric Fires. Our professional team always strives to ensure customer satisfaction.

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What We Do

Fireplace World Leaders

We offer a wide range of gas, electrical and wood heating systems for residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. We believe in greener world, our electric, gas fireplaces and BBQ products are ECO friendly.

Live Safe

Danger inside your property when using internal oil heaters. These heaters emit large amount of Carbon Monoxide, a very toxic gas that can instantly cause death when inhaled. Our products are made in the UK with British standards to ensure safety. Most Flueless products have built in Oxygen detectors which cut off the fire if Oxygen levels are low in the room where these are installed.

Our Design

Our designers can provide fireplace decoration drawings using 3DMax in colour to allow customers to view what the final look will be. Auto Cad drawings are then given to our engineers and construction team to build accurate state of the art design.

Decore Solutions

professional consultancy to understand your needs and build your concepts using our design expertise coupled with technology. We offer site survey and a one stop shop solution for your home interior and exterior decorations and fireplaces.

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